McCullum: I don’t really like that silly term Bazball

England’s Test coach Brendon McCullum has said that he has no idea what ‘Bazball’ means because it oversimplifies what is quite a planned and meticulous approach to the game.

“I don’t have any idea what ‘Bazball’ is. It’s not just all crash and burn, if you look at the approach, and that’s why I don’t really like that silly term that people are throwing out there,” said McCullum.

“Because there’s actually quite a bit of thought that goes into how the guys manufacture their performances and when they put pressure on bowlers and which bowlers they put pressure on. There’s also times where they’ve absorbed pressure beautifully as well.”

McCullum also responded to Steve Smith’s comments where he doubted the longevity of England’s style of play.

“I saw those flick up on one of the feeds somewhere. Isn’t that what the game’s all about? It is to sort of reinvigorate yourself and then be confronted against the very best. I do believe that both New Zealand and India are two very, very good cricket sides as well,” he added.

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